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Was Your Roof Damaged By Hail This Summer?
By: Jaci Buscher | Date September 29, 2014
It's no secret that Mother Nature was relentless with hailstorms in Colorado this summer. It seemed she may have cut us some slack on the wildfires only to put more energy into developing those high winds and golf ball-sized pieces of hail. Here at The Insurance Place, we know the cost to replace your roof can be exorbitant and that's why we want to offer some advice for how you can save some money.

Before saying anything more, every company deals with roofing discounts differently so you must check with us about your specific policy to learn which discounts actually apply to you. For the companies that we represent, there are two discounts currently possible. The first is simply a discount for a "newer roof". Basically, this discount is applied to homeowners' policies just for getting a new roof, no specific type of roof even has to be purchased. For this reason, if you have recently updated your roof and have not told us, please give us a call today to see if this discount is applicable to your policy.

The next discount is specifically for roofs that are rated as Class 4 according to the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Impact Rating test. This test is done on all types of roofing by dropping different sized steel balls onto the roofing material twice in a row and examining the shingle for damage. For example, a Class 4 roof shows no evidence of cracking or tearing after a 2 inch diameter steel ball is dropped on the same spot from 20 feet above.
If you are looking to replace your roof and are interested in a Class 4 roof, discuss this option with your roofing contractor or give us a call with your questions. Not only will a Class 4 roof save you some money on your insurance premium now, but it will also last you longer than a standard roof. Although the price may seem high up front, you are sure not to regret it twenty years from now!

Source: Excel Roofing