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Broken windshield
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Protect Your Windshield Like It Protects You
By: Jaci Buscher | Date August 25, 2014
We've all had it. That tiny chip or crack in your windshield that doesn't really affect your visibility of the road, but it sure annoys the heck out of you. Most times, you probably say that it is easier to just live with the crack than to do something about it. However, as your insurance agent, we want to remind you that it is in your best interest to get it fixed in a timely manner. Here are some things to consider when you get that pesky nick in your windshield:

Get your windshield checked out as soon as possible to prevent further damage and expenses. It only takes a quick change in temperature or a short drive on a bumpy road to turn a small chip into a large crack across your entire windshield
Call us to determine the amount of your deductible. Some companies may cover a chip repair without a deductible so call us to review what coverage is offered by your policy.
Determine whether your windshield needs to be replaced or only repaired. In general, chips or crack smaller than a dollar bill can just be filled while cracks larger than a dollar bill warrant a full windshield replacement.
Avoid insurance fraud. It has been found that some repair shops secretly file multiple claims for the same vehicle in order to get multiple insurance payments. Avoid this by contacting your agent first and using only trustworthy repair shops. If you don't know a repair shop, we can give you names of some that our customers have worked with in the past.

We know that dealing with repair shops and insurance companies can be frustrating at times. That is why we are here to guide you along in the process and make it as easy as possible for you.